Actions to achieve Aloha+ Challenge goals

The Aloha+ Challenge is a statewide commitment to achieve Hawai‘i’s sustainability goals, and locally driven framework to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

 70% clean energy – 40% from renewable sources and 30% from efficiency, with a view towards 100% renewable energy by 2045.

  At least double local food production – 20-30% of food consumed is grown locally.

 Reverse the trend of mauka-to-makai natural resouce loss by increasing freshwater security, watershed protection, community-based marine management, invasive species control, and restoration of native species.

 Reduce the solid waste stream prior to disposal by 70% through source reduction, recycling, bioconversion, and landfill diversion methods.

 Increase livability and resilience in the built environment through planning and implementation at the state and county levels.

 Increase local green jobs and education to implement the Aloha+ Challenge sustainability goals.

And Aloha Ocean Plus


 Our mission is to use both beach and underwater cleanup efforts to meet 2030 Hawaiian statewide sustainability goals, also known as the Aloha+ Challenge. The founder, being initially from Japan, was inspired to form Aloha Ocean Plus after finding a disproportionate amount of plastic debris washing up on Hawaiian beaches from Japan and other Asian countries.

 Additionally, responsible tourism is a primary focus of ours. We, at Aloha Ocean Plus feel a sense of responsibility to educate tourists to treat the Hawaiian marine environment with reverence and respect, commonly known in Hawaii as the Aloha Spirit.