Aloha Ocean Plus is a federally recognized 501(c)(3), federal tax exempt, Non-Profit Organization (NPO)


  Our mission is to use both beach and underwater cleanup efforts to meet 2030 Hawaiian statewide sustainability goals, also known as the Aloha+ Challenge. The founder, being initially from Japan, was inspired to form Aloha Ocean Plus after finding a disproportionate amount of plastic debris washing up on Hawaiian beaches from Japan and other Asian countries.

 Additionally, responsible tourism is a primary focus of ours. We, at Aloha Ocean Plus feel a sense of responsibility to educate tourists to treat the Hawaiian marine environment with reverence and respect, commonly known in Hawaii as the Aloha Spirit.


1. A combined effort in cleaning plastic debris off our beaches as well as along the reef and underwater marine habitat.

2. Data collection on the origins of plastic debris collected during our cleanup efforts.

3. Plastic alternative mechandise, designed and manufactured to be reused and/or recycled at the end of its lifespan.

4. Active partnership with other likeminded organizations in accomplishing a common goal of preserving the ocean environment.

5. Working with companies that are striving to produce plastic alternatives and/or are working to recycle and reuse their products reducing the amount of plastic debris that ends up in the ocean.

6. Hosting events, workshops and seminars that focus on the environmental responsibility of individuals and businesses alike.

7. Introspective analysis of ourselves in an ever-evolving effort to increase our proficiency in safe practices of plastic removal from the fragile marine environment.


2499 Kapiolani Blvd #2705 Honolulu Hi 96826




Yuichiro Sekiguchi

Vice Chairman

David Gooch


Tomohito Ishimaru
Munehiro Yamada

Japan Preparatory Office

Chairman Yasuo Hori